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What do you think of this year's colors as announced by the 'High Fashion' color palette Gurus at Pantone? We think this serves us an extension of the Blush color craze from 2014/2015. Blush reincarnation, we call it!

Pantone paired this Rose Quratz with a much cooler tone (than popular silver from 2014/2015) using Serenity (by blending in a blue hue).

For the Newly Engaged and Brides-to-be that were or are dying to get "Blush" on their design palette while it is still trendy....Good news you are SAFE!

These colors work well together when used tastefully, we still think some silver in the mix will help balance the two tones beautifully for those who are shy of the contrast.

One of our brides from 2015 (shown in this inspiration board, thank you Linda!) dressed her groom and groomsmen in that palette, her bridesmaids wore Blush. Kept her personal flowers soft and close to neutral. She was certainly ahead of the trend in our opinion.

Share your thoughts with us! Let's design Together!


#photo #216weddingtrends #2016weddingcolors #rosequartz #serenityblue

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